AKAD - Pinneberg

KK - Web

Degree - Master of Arts:

  • enrolled  in the accredited program of study "Business Information Systems" with major in  "Marketing & Web Design"

Curriculum (Overview):

Business Administration
  • production and materials management
  • capital investments and financing
  • strategic management and controlling
  • cost accounting and results accounts
  • capital assets
  • book-keeping
  • international trade
  • legal practice compact
  • economics compact
  • appliance of statistics
  • corporate management
  • self-management
  • personnel management
  • presentation techniques
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Computer Sciences
  • programming with C/C++
  • algorithm and data structures
  • information and communication systems
  • data organizations and data bases
  • practical working with data bases
  • internet-programming
  • technologies of the web-business
  • programming with Java
  • software development (advanced course)
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Elective Module: IT business consulting: marketing / Process and IT-Consulting Marketing
  • marketing management
  • IT-services marketing
  • applied systems in marketing, sales and distributions
  • applications of the web-business (online shop)
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  • the language of business
  • English for IT
  • mathematics for business data processing specialists
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